Machine Vision ApplicationsGrabit

Description of use cases
The most delicious chops

Fresh food

Grabit’s machine vision software identifies all types of food and allows you to control the individual condition of each piece. It monitors fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and other fresh produce, improving efficiency in production, distribution and sales processes.

In storage or on the move, Grabit’s software is capable of processing both images and video, allowing you to automate any visual inspection with maximum accuracy. Give your team new eyes, eyes that are always attentive and sharp. You will optimize supervision and ensure the highest quality of your deliveries with the lowest costs.


  • – Identification of parts of different varieties, sizes or weights
  • – Unit counting
  • – Detection of products in bad condition
  • – Read expiration dates
  • – Detection of incorrect packaging
  • – Checking labeling

Grabit is fully independent and easily integrated, so it can be incorporated into existing installations or a new system with minimal investment. Modernize and optimize your inspection and quality system with our state-of-the-art proprietary machine vision software.

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