Machine Vision ApplicationsGrabit

Description of use cases
Self-charging refrigerators

Cabinets and shelves

A small camera and Grabit software will give autonomy to your cabinets, refrigerators, displays and other storage elements. It monitors the stored products, their state of coldness, their removal or replenishment. The solution can detect any type of product, such as food, medicine or industrial equipment. Your customers and users will have a more comfortable experience and you will have additional information to offer the best service at the lowest cost.

  • – Avoids errors in the selection of products by the user.
  • – Automate stock control.
  • – Reduces contact, time and increases the comfort of your users.
  • – Minimizes product selection buttons.
  • – Identify bad parts and inform the user to change them.
  • – Minimizes the use of paper and simplifies the process.


  • – Minimize operating time
  • – Fewer contacts and less paper
  • – Additional information about your purchases

Our proprietary software is easily configurable to handle different types of products: food or non-food. And our team is expert in integrating it into the most common systems on the market. Equip your storage elements with Grabit machine vision and make them more efficient automatically.

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