Machine Vision ApplicationsGrabit

Description of use cases
Your digital shepherd

Livestock monitoring

Grabit facilitates multiple tasks in livestock management. With a small installation of cameras and Grabit’s machine vision software you can control the day-to-day running of your farm and improve its performance. Whether outdoors or inside the barn, continuously monitor cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, pigs, chickens, emus, bisons or any other type of animal raised in a controlled environment.


  • – Counting livestock in different situations and/or locations
  • – Measure distances traveled
  • – Finished feed or water alerts
  • – Detect sick livestock
  • – Identify intrusions

Grabit’s proprietary software is tremendously flexible, allowing you to automate all those visual monitoring tasks you need on your farm. In addition, the visualization and control module adapts to any device, so you can keep an eye on your livestock anytime, anywhere.

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