Machine Vision ApplicationsGrabit

Description of use cases
Traffic management

Traffic and parking

With Grabit’s artificial vision software you can process in real time the images of your previously installed CCTV and monitor vehicles, whether parked or in motion. Occupied and free spaces, risk alerts, incident identification, user guidance. The applications are numerous and highly efficient. And all this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no additional cost.


  • – Detection of oncoming vehicles
  • – Parking lot monitoring
  • – Traffic light management
  • – Travel optimization
  • – License plate reading
  • – Model identification
  • – Speed measurement
  • – Usage statistics and preferences
  • – Identification of risks and incidents
  • – Signaling of free and occupied spaces

Grabit’s proprietary machine vision software is available in the cloud and can be easily integrated with the most common monitoring and control systems. Boost the management of your garage, parking, transit area and get the most out of CCTV without increasing your investment.

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