Use Grab It! app to open the door

2.Grab It!

Compare and select the products you want to take.

3.Close & Go

Close the door and leave. Grab it! will automatically check the products you selected and manage the receipt thru the app.


We create 24/7 autonomous retail stores, powered by computer vision.

Our mission is to improve lifestyles by offering readily available, quality, fresh and healthy food, by combining innovative technology, with an enhanced user experience.

Grabit enables practical autonomous shopping in a similar format to a vending machine, but with significantly less cost and a far better customer experience. By embedding product recognition within the cabinet, a retail “store” can be anywhere; including office lobbies, hotels, malls, and beyond. The system is easy to operate and maintain, with rich analytics and a self-serve new SKU ingestion process.


1. Feel. See, touch and compare products you want to take.

2. Open 24/7. Any time, any day you will find your Grab It! machine ready.

3. Wallet-less. No cash or credit card required. You will only need Grab It! app.

4. Receipt generation. Automatic receipt generation by Grab It! app allows you to know which products you bought and where.

5. Insightful. Grab It! automatically learns what is being sold and when, optimizing the products we offer you.



Proprietary computer vision.

Modular development based on latest state-of-the-art technology


Scalable and Flexible

Allows deploying in different scenarios and form factors.


Edge deployment

Cost efficient solutions in customer premises.

Where to Install


Great to recover!

Office spaces

Take something and continue!


Grab your lunch


While waiting

Businness hotels

Grab a snack

Residential Buildings

Convenience above all