AI Transforming Retail: A Vision from Grabit

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In a world driven by technological innovation, the retail market is undergoing significant transformation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as one of the driving forces behind this revolution. In a recent interview with “El Correo,” we explored how Grabit is using AI to solve problems in the retail industry.

Computer vision developments

At Grabit, we are introducing innovative computer vision software for products like fruits and vegetables. This software enables a more efficient and accurate shopping experience. We have collaborated with Dibal, a leading firm in the development of weighing and labeling solutions, to bring this technology to supermarkets. Smart scales equipped with our technology can identify and weigh products automatically, saving time for both shoppers and supermarket employees.

Our AI doesn’t stop at grocery detection. We are also working on self-checkout solutions that allow customers to scan and pay for their products autonomously. These solutions are designed to prevent loss, a growing issue at self-service terminals, by ensuring that the scanned product matches the barcode.

Benefits for Retail and the Customer

The impact of our AI solutions extends beyond just streamlining operations; it creates a ripple effect of benefits that touch both retailers and customers alike.

For retailers, the advantages are manifold. Automation through AI not only speeds up the checkout process but also minimizes human error. This leads to more accurate billing, which in turn reduces the number of customer complaints and returns. The efficiency gains also allow staff to focus on other important tasks, such as customer service and inventory management, thereby improving the overall store operations.

Moreover, our self-checkout solutions come with built-in loss prevention features. By accurately identifying products, these systems help in reducing shrinkage, a significant concern for many retailers. This leads to better profit margins and could potentially lower prices, benefiting the consumer in the long run.

For customers, the benefits are equally compelling. The AI-powered computer vision technology ensures that the weighing and billing process is quick and error-free, enhancing the overall shopping experience. In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence, and a quicker checkout process means customers can get in and out of the store more efficiently.

Additionally, the increased accuracy in billing builds trust, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. In an era where consumers have endless choices, customer satisfaction is paramount, and our technology helps retailers achieve just that.


AI is transforming the way supermarkets and retailers operate. With solutions like visual recognition and self-checkout, startups like ours are paving the way for a future where convenience and efficiency are key to success in the retail sector. Automation and artificial intelligence are here to stay and will continue to improve the shopping experience in supermarkets.

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