Grabit’s solution for Fresh Produce Recognition

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The ever-evolving retail landscape continually demands innovative solutions to improve customer experience and operational efficiency. In the fast-paced retail environment, innovation is key. Among the transformative solutions reshaping the industry is g·Fresh. This revolutionary product is redefining fresh produce recognition, thanks to its state-of-the-art computer vision capabilities powered by NVIDIA’s advanced GPU technology.

Computer vision and Deep Learning

Deep Learning and Computer Vision, two powerful subfields of AI, are rapidly evolving, providing increasingly sophisticated solutions for the retail industry. Deep learning algorithms, which mimic the neural networks of the human brain, are becoming more proficient at processing massive volumes of data and identifying intricate patterns. These advancements significantly improve the precision and reliability of product recognition systems, enabling them to distinguish even the subtlest differences among products.

Computer Vision, the technology that allows machines to ‘see’ and interpret real-world visuals, is also making significant strides. Continuous improvements in image recognition techniques and data quality have enhanced the capability of machines to understand complex scenarios, identify minuscule variations, and even learn from experience.

Together, these advances in Deep Learning and Computer Vision are fueling the development of highly intelligent, efficient, and versatile retail solutions. These AI-powered technologies are not only reshaping the retail landscape but are also paving the way for future innovations, promising optimal, consumer-focused technologies that continually adapt and improve.

Leveraging the cutting-edge advancements in Deep Learning and Computer Vision, g·Fresh delivers a highly precise product recognition solution. This state-of-the-art technology offers an optimal blend of cost efficiency and accuracy, revolutionizing the retail industry with its superior capabilities.

The Power of NVIDIA GPU in g·Fresh

g·Fresh is equipped with NVIDIA’s cutting-edge GPU technology, is elevating the retail industry to new heights. NVIDIA’s GPUs provide the computational power required for the demanding tasks of deep learning and computer vision. This allows the scale to process vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, enhancing its accuracy in recognizing different types of fresh produce.

The integration of NVIDIA’s GPU technology allows Grabit’s software to distinguish even the subtlest differences between produce varieties and even the type of apple. This technology also empowers the scale to detect fresh produce within semi-transparent bags, overcoming a challenge that has long troubled traditional scales.

Flexible implementation in different hardware

Central to Grabit’s core is the flexibility of its software. Designed with adaptability in mind, g·Fresh is compatible with different type of equipment. This unique feature ensures a seamless integration with existing infrastructures, regardless of the hardware manufacturer. Whether it’s a traditional scale, a checkout lane, or a self-checkout terminal, Grabit’s software can enhance the existing system, transforming it into an intelligent, AI-powered tool for improved product recognition.

This broad compatibility positions Grabit as a versatile partner for retailers seeking to leverage AI and computer vision technology in their operations, offering a future-proof solution adaptable to evolving market needs and technologies.

Dibal partnership

Grabit’s groundbreaking software caught the attention of Dibal, a leading scale manufacturer. The partnership has yielded a product that combines Dibal’s hardware prowess with Grabit’s g·Fresh solution, driven by NVIDIA’s GPU technology.

Now commercially available, these scales equip supermarkets with a highly efficient solution for fresh produce detection and they are already deployed in two supermarket chains in Spain (Supermercados BM and MasyMas)

From Standalone Scales to Checkout Lanes


The potential applications of Grabit’s autonomous scale technology extend well beyond standalone scales. The software can also be implemented in checkout lanes and self-checkout terminals, making it a versatile solution that fits various retail needs. By streamlining the checkout process, Grabit enhances the overall shopping experience, catering to today’s time-conscious consumers.

Grabit – Leading the Retail Transformation

g·Fresh signifies more than just a product; it embodies Grabit’s vision for the future of retail. By offering superior fresh produce detection and providing real-time inventory updates, it enhances customer experience while optimizing store operations.

With its commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology like NVIDIA’s GPUs and expanding its software applications to various retail scenarios, Grabit is poised to lead the retail industry’s transformation.


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