MasyMas introduces intelligent computer vision scales

19 de May de 2023by

MasyMas retail scales automatically identify the type of fruit or vegetable that is being weighed.

The supermarket chain MasyMas has implemented new computer vision scales placed in the self-service sections of fruits and vegetables of its store in the Parque Principado Shopping Center in Asturias. This new system will make the purchasing process easier for customers, who until now used scales in which they manually entered numbers to identify the products.

These new computer vision scales will make it easier for customers to just place the product to be weighed on the scale’s plate. The integrated camera will capture images of the fresh produce and presents on the scale’s screen the images of the most similar products . This innovative tool will allow customers to forget about memorizing the number of the key corresponding to the chosen product.

“At Masymas, we think every day about how to improve the customer experience in our supermarkets. In this regard, one of our main challenges to start the year was to implement an innovative weighing system for our section of fresh fruits and vegetables that will facilitate the purchase process. With the new computer vision scales, the customer lets the machine identify the chosen products and thus speeds up their passage through our most important self-service section,” says Santiago Pulgar, Commercial Director of Hijos de Luis Rodríguez S.A.

A commitment to local R&D

Grabit, a technological company specialised in computer vision software for retail, has developed this solution that has been integrated into Dibal scales, a leading company in this sector nationally and with a strong presence in the international market.

The introduction of this type of technology allows Supermarkets MasyMas to continue innovating in the purchasing process of their customers, improving their experience in each of their visits to their stores.

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